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Designing Wellness teaches body balancing exercises for anti-aging, injury prevention and improved wellness. Promoting self sufficiency and healthy daily movement is our number one goal. We train people how to listen to their bodies, so they can become their own coach to look and feel their best. Working while sitting or doing intense fitness activity with poor form trains us to move poorly. You can perform exercises in a brief amount of time to improve your bodies appearance, alignment and motion. Whether done alone or in addition to an existing exercise routine, you will feel the difference!
Stretching & Strengthening For Wellness
  • Learn a simple routine to counteract imbalances caused by common work positions and life habits.
  • Learn how you can utilize time in your daily life to improve your posture, prevent pain and feel well.
  • Learn how exercises can be performed in any setting and an easily portable resistance band is all the exercise equipment you need.
Posture Assessments
  • Learn how your body is balanced using digital software to assess your body's symmetry and alignment.
  • Learn how repeat posture pictures in front of a posture grid and reports can help track your progress.
  • Learn that you will be able to not only feel the benefits, but actually see the benefits of your posture program.
Posture Training
  • Learn specific exercises to maximize the balance, alignment and motion of your body to improve your posture, prevent pain and make you feel your best.
  • Learn how to get the most out of your exercises by having a therapist coach you in a small group or one on one setting to promote conscious awareness of posture principals that are affecting you.
  • Learn "Peel back techniques" to make exercises easier or "Progressions" to make exercises more challenging, so inactive individuals or fitness experts will reap the benefits of posture training.
  • Learn a program that uses simple equipment such as a resistence band and exercise ball, so that exercises can easily be done at home, work or the gym.

Understanding Posture

5 Posture Principals
  1. Motion- Our bodies are made to be in motion. You "use it or lose it" is a very true statement.
  2. Balance- We are balanced if we don't fall down. Good balance does not equal good alignment.
  3. Patterns- Our movement patterns will follow the path of least resistance.
  4. Compensation- Our bodies will learn unhealthy movement patterns to avoid pain.
  5. Adaptation- Our posture and life habits literally change our bodies over time.

Why Posture Training is For You:

  • Anti-Aging & Improve Appearance
    Extensive research has proven the connection between losing height, poor posture, illness and life span. Exercise and posture training will help you to move better in your 30's, 40's, 50's and even in your 80's. A daily 10 minute program can truly improve your health and longevity. (Steven Weiniger's Stand Taller & Live Longer)
  • Develop Body Awareness
    Posture training provides you with education that will help you understand how your habits, anatomy and balance affects how your body feels. Learn how small motions can make a big difference!
  • Reduce Pain and Injury
    Posture exercises can prevent many of the common aches and pains we experience in our daily lives, such as low back pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and joint pain. Having strong posture decreases the chance of serious injury that may occur during a sudden fall or during a regular daily activity, such as grabbing a suitcase out of a car.*
  • Improve Performance
    Our bodies were not necessarily made for the activities we do, whether they be during work, play or sport. Applying posture principals to any activity can effect the way our body's look and feel, providing unlimited improvements to performance.

  Fun Facts:
  • Physical activity has a significant potential to influence your health related quality of life, and a little bit goes a long way.
  • More than 40 studies on the benefits of exercise found that if you keep moving regularly now, you can prevent over 25 diseases and health conditions later on.
  • Workouts lower your risk of breast cancer by 30%, colon cancer by 40%, heart disease by 50%, hip fractures by 41%, and depression by 28%. (International Journal of Clinical Practice)

*Posture programs are most ideal in addition to an exercise program that includes cardiovascular conditioning and/or strength training. The goal is to teach exercises for health improvement and not injury treatment, weight loss or body building. Always consult with a physician before starting a new exercise program or returning to exercise following an injury.

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