Frequently Asked Questions

Are seminars and workshops only intended for office workers who are on a computer all day?
Absolutely not! Although Designing Wellness education is great for office workers, everyone and anyone can benefit, for example service industry, health care and skilled labor workers. Many work related and non-work related activities or habits may increase the risk of aches, pains or even worse, injury. Musculoskeletal disorders are on the rise and becoming a serious epidemic with research showing they are responsible for up to 50% of workers compensation and health insurance claims. Unfortunately when it comes to treatment, many people know more about how to take care of a computer. The work place is an excellent venue to provide access to wellness education, ensuring a win-win situation for employers and employees!

Our company doesn't have a budget for a wellness program. How affordable is it?
Very affordable! Designing Wellness offers very reasonable pricing and the ROI for wellness education has been proven to be an average of 3 dollars and up to as much as 13 dollars, per dollar spent. DW's goal is to promote your company's health and success, with full consideration of your available resources. You may want to start with just an hour long lunch and learn. These can be arranged for a small cost, while educating your employees to a have an active role in their wellness is priceless.

Is Designing Wellness able to help our company start a wellness program?
Yes! Designing Wellness is able to help you determine your company's needs, areas of interest and organize a comprehensive schedule of seminars and workshops that is designed just for you. A variety of health and wellness topics may be covered, always provided by specialized professionals. Consulting on cost effective or even free options for wellness promotion is also available. Initiating actions for healthier lifestyles among your employees may appear daunting, but with proper guidance, the process can be completely painless.

We already have a wellness program. What can Designing Wellness provide that is different?
Health education is fortunately becoming more main stream. We have all heard that it's important to eat right, exercise, avoid obesity, manage our stress and stop smoking. However, Designing Wellness is founded by an experienced Occupational Therapist who specializes in the treatment of common nerve, muscle and joint problems that can often be prevented or treated early if people only knew how. Yet, this specialized education is often missed! Designing Wellness will collaborate with any current wellness coordinators or simply be a guest educator, working together to make sure employees have the knowledge to feel their best!

How many people are needed to participate in a seminar or workshop?
No group is too small or too large! Seminars can be for 5 to 500 people. Workshops may also vary in size. Groups of 5-10 will allow for more one on one training and technique development. Groups of 20-30 are good for basic classes where participants will be more independent, but still able to learn some excellent routines to stretch and strengthen their way to wellness. DW provides a lot of flexibility and can meet the needs and number of any group.

Where are seminars and workshops offered?
Designing Wellness will come to you! For seminars, all that is required is a room set up for power point presentations in a proper learning environment. Workshops need a little more space for attendees to stand up, move around and stretch. Open wall areas are very beneficial for alignment and stretching exercises. If you need assistance finding a location, DW can help with that too!

How can we let our insurance carriers or others know we are being proactive about our company's health?
Designing Wellness provides certificates when over 75% of your staff attends an event. Go the extra mile and choose to do a series of three lectures and a workshop and achieve a topic specific prevention certificate, such as musculoskeletal disorder prevention or chronic illness prevention.

Our company would like to benefit from all Designing Wellness has to offer. How can we get results fast?
Day or half day retreats are a great way to show your employees you care, while team building and improving your work force wellness. Additional services such as on-site massages, outdoor workshops, and health expos can also be arranged. Delicious food, enjoyable music and socializing can make for a experience that your employees will not find only educational, but unforgettable.

What if an individual would like one-on-one training?
Posture assessments and one on one or small group training sessions are offered! This provides the best opportunity for interested individuals to become their own expert trainer, making good posture and healthy movement a permanent part of their life. You may go through your company or want to hire DW privately.

We are not part of a "work place". Do you provide programs to other groups of people?
Definitely! Introducing wellness education to any community or social group is not only beneficial, but fun. Maybe your running club, gardening group or computer class is interested in learning from Designing Wellness. Simply contact Designing Wellness today!

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