Seminars and Workshops for Optimal Health

The mission of Designing Wellness is to educate on the benefits of intelligent life habits and make valuable health education readily available. We provide the necessary tools to empower individuals to reconnect with their bodies and become active participants in their wellness. Those interested in improving their own lives or boosting the well-being of their workplace through healthier and happier employees will excel by inviting Designing Wellness to lead the way.

Benefits of Wellness Education at Work
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Decrease Health Care & Company Costs
  • Promote Self Responsibility
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Workplace Morale
  • Your Body & Pain Prevention Demystified
  • Common Injuries & Early Treatment Demystified
  • Office Ergonomics Demystified
    & more!
Workshops: Group or Individual Skill Teaching Sessions, Posture Assessments & Training


Wellness education and actions for better health do more than just prevent injury, they improve performance and quality of life. The health care professionals at DW...
Meet the Founder

Practicing for over 15 years as an Occupational Therapist, Raina has developed an innovative passion for healthier thinking and living. She achieved her Certification in...

DW teaches body balancing exercises for anti-aging, injury prevention and improved wellness. Promoting self sufficiency and healthy daily movement is our number one goal...

  Facts to Consider:
  • Musculoskeletal conditions, repetitive strain injuries, low back pain and arthritis are the leading cause of absenteeism (Institute of Health & Productivity Management)
  • OSHA reports repetitive strain injuries are America's most common and costly occupational health problem (OSHA)
  • Each workers compensation claim for repetitive strain injuries can cost up to 20'000 to 100'000 dollars (Consumer Watch Report)
  • Almost half of claims involve strains and sprains which are tied to poor fitness levels, changeable behavior and lack of proper early intervention (Worksite Health Promotion, 2nd Edition)
  • 75% of us have sedentary jobs, such as sitting and doing repetitive work in front of a computer all day (Stand Taller & Live Longer)
  • A 2010 survey of 1,159 workers, who were participating in employee wellness programs, reported 43% felt motivated to work harder and perform better, 28% missed fewer work days and 38% experienced improved energy and productivity. (Principal Financial Group)

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